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Good things often come in threes, but this time it came in a pair. The Perfect Pair beer pairing dinner took place on November 1 at Brighton Acres and was a rousing success! Over $17,000 was raised for South West Rotary projects and programs. The addition of a live auction this year upped the ante and a great time was had by all at the 4th annual event.
Two Oshkosh homeowners took advantage of the Rain Garden Program put in place by the Winnebago County Land & Water Conservation Department and South West Rotary. Two lovely rain gardens were installed by the homeowners with help, both monetarily and with planting, from South West Rotarians. This program will continue in 2019 with a goal of installing 3 more rain gardens throughout the city. Rain gardens filter water run off which ultimately filters into Lake Winnebago providing drinking water along with fish habitat.

A Veteran’s Day salute to all Veteran South West members was given at the November 7 club meeting. Veterans were recognized with photos, a chance to reminisce about their military service and a standing ovation from the club. Thank you all for your service!
Also in celebration of our veterans, the club will meet at the Wisconsin Veteran’s Museum in Oshkosh for the November 14 meeting. Those attending will learn about the museum and the service members represented there. A tour will take place and a lunch was served as well. The Museum is a great addition to the history of the area.
Other programs taking place over the past few weeks included a look abroad with speakers presenting about life in Haiti and a visit to Ecuador. A presentation on the Rotary International Foundation, best known for its heroic fight against polio, was given during November which is Rotary Foundation Month. The local Oshkosh South West Richard Ames Foundation was also discussed. Rotarians donate monthly to both foundations and are awarded for specific milestones in giving with either a Paul Harris pin recognition from the International Foundation or recognition from the South West foundation.
Oshkosh South West Rotary welcomes new members! If you are interested in joining a vibrant club that gives back to the community in a big way, feel free to contact us via our website or Facebook page.


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