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As winter melts away and we start to get a taste of springtime sunshine it’s a great time to ask, “am I ready for severe weather?” It’s Severe Weather Awareness Week in Wisconsin and we’re here to share information about how you can be better prepared for severe weather.

Every year Wisconsin averages 23 tornadoes according to the National Weather Service. Last year Winnebago County and neighboring counties experienced an outbreak of 10 tornadoes on June 14 damaging roads, homes, business, and more. Because severe weather and tornadoes happen each year in Wisconsin it’s important for us all to be prepared.

The Winnebago County Health Department wants to make sure you and your family are safe and ready to take on a severe storm and potential power outage. “Taking a few extra steps before storm season can help families know what to do during and after severe weather” says Anna Carpenter, Preparedness Specialist with the Winnebago County Health Department. The extra steps she’s talking about? Creating a simple emergency plan, building emergency supply kits, and staying connected to Winnebago County weather alerts right on your cell phone.

Once you’ve created an emergency plan, emergency kit, and signed up for weather alerts, the next step is to know the difference between a “watch” and a “warning.” Pay close attention to local media alerts (radio, tv, and social media) for changes in the weather along with recommendations for sheltering.

Severe Weather Awareness Week is a good time to be deliberate about what you could and should do during a storm. This weekend, take an hour with your family to plan out what you should do during different types of storms. A little forethought can save stress, time, money and most importantly, lives. Learn more about preparedness at or contact


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