April 7 elections: Oshkosh Common Council Candidates


Six local candidates will appear on the Spring 2020 ballot for Oshkosh Common Council

Following a tumultuous two day swing that saw an election first postponed by the Governor and then reinstated by the State Supreme Court, in-person voting will commence Tuesday, April 7, 2020 with the polls opening at 7:00am.

We connected with candidates vying for the three seats on the Oshkosh Common Council and have provided basic profile information below:

Lynnsey Erickson

Profession: Community Health Strategist at the Winnebago County Health Department

Community: I currently serve on the Oshkosh Plan Commission and Transit Advisory Board and I’ve volunteered with the Oshkosh Food Co-op and mentored at the Boys and Girls Club of Oshkosh.

Prior to my current role at the health department, I served two years in AmeriCorps with the Wisconsin HealthCorps.

Education: Currently working toward Master’s in Public Administration at UW Oshkosh, earned my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Gender and Women’s Studies from UW Madison

I’m running for Oshkosh City Council because: I love this city and I think we need to do a better job of listening to residents and making sure that people have a voice in city decisions. City council sets the tone for how the city functions and we’re in need of more variety of experiences represented.

As a young woman, a Millennial, a renter, someone who grew up in a working class family, and someone who has experienced many of the challenging circumstances that face our residents, I intend to bring these perspectives to this position.

City Council needs to be more proactive in listening to residents and recognize that the variety of perspectives and experiences matter when we make decisions that impact people’s lives. I care about ensuring that everyone has access to safe, stable, and affordable housing.

I also want to make sure that people feel welcomed here and that Oshkosh is a great place to call home for everyone. We have to be building a city for the future and one that people want to live in. I’m ready to continue the work I’m already doing of being out in the community, listening to people’s experiences, and making sure that people impacted by city council’s decisions are involved in the process. I hope to earn your vote on April 7th.

More info at: FB & www.ericksonforoshkosh.com


Michael Ford

Profession: Associate Professor of Public Administration at UW Oshkosh

Community:  Oshkosh Plan Commission (Appointed by former Mayor Cummings); Oshkosh Long Range Finance Committee (Appointed by current Mayor Palmeri); President of the Millers Bay Neighborhood Association; Member of the Oshkosh Food Co-Op Site Selection and Store Design Team; Member of the United Way Fiscal Evaluation Committee; Board member of Clarity Care Inc; Former member of the United Way Women in Poverty Committee; Former board member of First Congregational Church of Oshkosh

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Marquette University; Master’s degree in Political Science from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee- PhD in Urban Studies from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

I’m running for Oshkosh City Council because: I believe in a transparent accountable government that works for all Oshkosh residents. Everything I do as a council member will flow from three basic principles:

1) Every Oshkosh resident has a stake in our city’s success.
2) Every Oshkosh resident deserves to be heard.
3) Every Oshkosh resident has a right to know what their government is doing, why they are doing it, and whether they are doing it well.

To that end I will push to create a government performance dashboard that gives residents, council members, and staff access to the same financial and performance information. This will ensure we all know where our money is going and why.

I will also push for the City to take the lead in aligning efforts between the city, school district, nonprofit, and private sectors to solve our city’s most pressing issues. These issues include achievement gaps, neighborhood revitalization, economic development, housing, and keeping an affordable tax and fee structure for residents and business. 

Most importantly, I am committed to using my experience, expertise, and deep community ties to help lead our post-pandemic recovery efforts. This will be a task that requires serious voices committed to serving all Oshkosh residents in a nonpartisan fashion. I pledge to be that voice.

More info at: www.OshkoshForAll.com


Matt Mugerauer (incumbent, elected 2018)

Profession: Customer Service Manager at 4imprint

Community:  Member of the Oshkosh Mid-Morning Kiwanis; Youth Sports Coach; I currently serve on: Long Range Finance Committee-Vice Chair and Landmarks Commission; I previously served on: Rental Housing Advisory Board-Chair, Special Assessments Ad-Hoc Committee-Chair.

Education: Attended UWO

I’m running for Oshkosh City Council because: There is so much great work left to do. I, like many parents, want better for my children than I had. So having been born here in Oshkosh, growing up going to public school and playing sports in our parks, meeting my wife and are raising our 3 amazing kids here, I want this great place we call home to be better for them than I had.

My family calls Oshkosh home for so many reasons. We’ve chosen to invest here. When we were looking for a new home we waited quite a long time to find the right place for us, in the city, so our children could continue to go to great schools and play in vibrant parks and experience exciting things. We have so many great things going on here in Oshkosh.

I want Oshkosh to continue to be a great place to live, work and play. As a life-long resident of Oshkosh, I have seen where we were at times, I look at where we are today and am so thankful for how far we have come and know that tomorrow and the next day will be even better.

Over my first two years on council I have brought a common sense, moderate, responsible voice to this council. Having worked hard for all residents and taxpayers.

More info at: Campaign website or social media link: FB


Robert Wilcox

Profession: Landlord

Community: I have coached soccer for the last 5 years. 

Education: I have an accounting and finance degree from UW-Oshkosh.

I’m running for Oshkosh City Council because: The City Council needs to stop being a yes man to everything the city department heads want.  Special assessments need to end and the incessant borrowing needs to end.

I fully realize that if I am elected nothing will probably change because I will most likely be the lone voice on these issues.


Danny Garcia

Mr. Garcia did not respond to multiple requests for basic candidate profile information.


Bill Miller

Mr. Miller did not respond to multiple requests for basic candidate profile information.


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