April 2015 Climate Summary for Oshkosh, Wisconsin


The month of April is often two faced. As we all know, the weather can change in a blink of an eye.

April of 2015 was no different. The old Yin Yang, the up and down, the exciting roller coaster ride cliche. The month began on a high note, but the feeling of Spring was quickly squashed back into our face. Then after a week of cool and wet weather we were again graced with sunshine and warmth. These wonderful days were not to become the standard. Frozen precipitation fell from the sky once again. The month rounded out nicely however as seasonal Spring conditions led us into May.

The monthly temperature ended 0.1 degrees below average, at 45.8 degrees. The warmest temperature recorded was 72.5 degrees on April 18th and the coldest temperature recorded was 26.9 degrees on April 4th. The monthly precipitation ended 0.98 inches above average. A welcomed result as we have been slowly creeping into a worsening drought condition. The state drought monitor can be found here. No snow was measured at OSNW3, only Trace amounts were observed. Oshkosh averages 1.2 inches of snow in April.



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Webcam GIF of the OSNW3 precipitation observation station

Webcam GIF of the OSNW3 precipitation observation station

+For more Oshkosh historical weather and climate data please visit OSNW3|OSHKOSH-NORTH.
+Photos and images courtesy of Josh Herman and the MRCC.


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