An Evening With Dawes at The Howard


The Howard continues to prove itself as one of the top music venue destinations in Oshkosh, this month by hosting ‘An Evening With Dawes: Passwords Tour.’

by Alison Cordry

Dawes emerged as a band nearly a decade ago, and since releasing their most recent album, Passwords, they have hit the road for their first tour in two years. The music they have become known for has a folk-rock sound, and while this new album certainly doesn’t stray too far from what fans have come to expect, it does push these boundaries and open up into subject matter not previously explored in Dawes’ lyrics.

When talking to drummer Griffin Goldsmith about this shift in their songs, he spoke about his brother, lead singer and songwriter Taylor Goldsmith. He said that the lyrical turn had largely to do with Taylor’s recent marriage, “He’s less at odds with love and finding love. And I think that is something that I’ve enjoyed watching him in, because he’s become very settled in a way that nobody really is until you find that companion.” Now Taylor’s lyrics focus heavily on the external struggles he sees in the world we live in, rather than the internal conflicts of his life.

The feel of this album is also unique in comparison with Dawes’ past work because the approach they took in the studio was far more experimental, and you can hear on several of their new tracks that they have a more groovy or pop sound. This has been a change that came very incrementally for the band, they are no longer focused on making their tracks sound like a true representation of their live shows. Instead, with Passwords, the members of Dawes wanted to see how they could use the studio to serve each song best.

This most recent tour is shaping up to be one of their finest yet, with a lineup of cities and venues new to Dawes. The show at The Howard will be an “Evening With” event, which means the band will play two sets without an opener. Griffin is enthusiastic about this tour and pointed to the fact that he has spent more time on tour than he has at home, and is more used to being on the road, “I’m really looking forward to coming to Oshkosh, and playing cities that we never come to. Those shows often end up being the most fun.”

Dawes Passwords album

Saturday, January 26, 2019

An Evening With Dawes  @ The Howard

405 Washington Avenue

Oshkosh, WI 54901

7:00pm Doors //  8 pm Show

PHOTO BY: Magdalena Wosinska courtesy of team Dawes


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