Ambience reigns on Nathan Edwards’ new album Birth/Rebirth


First Listen to Birth II at the OI from the new album

Oshkosh musician, educator and recording engineer Nathan Edwards will release Birth/Rebirth on April 30, 2019.

Edwards is a professor and the Director of Audio Production at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. He specializes in music production and electronic music composition, for which has won awards and presented at numerous electro-acoustic conferences and exhibitions across the country.

According to Edwards, the album is a collection of chill ambient music that explores themes of human connection. “The inspiration for the album was from the anticipation of the birth of our son. We were excited to meet him, discover what he would look like, and watch his personality develop. The Birth part of the title represents the new life of our son, and Rebirth represents the gift of observing his experience of life through my own eyes.”

Here are the “Birth/Rebirth” details:
— The album was written, performed, recorded and produced by Edwards.
— Release date: Tuesday, April 30, 2019.
— Music will be available on Bandcamp and YouTube after the 30th.
— Cover art by Cassie Marie Edwards

At current, you won’t be able to catch a live performance of the album. However, Edwards has some ideas for a future show. “I am currently working on transcribing the music in order to work toward a live performance later in the year.”

Here is “Birth II” from the album:

banner image by Paul Schipper. All images courtesy of Nathan Edwards.


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