2018 Oshkosh Treasure Hunt


Treasure hunters- ARE YOU READY!?!?

There is a key hidden somewhere in the city of Oshkosh.

It is stamped with 2018 Oshkosh Treasure Hunt, the first person to find this key, will be the winner of a treasure prize package valued over $500,000,000,000!  

Whoops.  I mean $500.

How do you find the key?

You’ll need to activate some clues, solve riddles and do a lot of searching!

To begin, House of Heroes must gain 200 more likes on their Facebook page and reach a grand total of 3350 likes. They will then post a picture of the treasure chest and additional tips. After the treasure is showcased, clues will start to be released, but each time as a community you will have to prove that you deserve them by sharing & promoting another small business.

Step one – go here: https://www.facebook.com/OshkoshTreasureHunt/



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Justin R. Mitchell

Justin is the founding editor of the Oshkosh Independent.

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